Gateway welcomes Brecht - 2014/02/12

Gateway is happy to welcome a brand new member to its team, Brecht has just landed with us and is already impressing us all. We are proud to have successfully stolen him away from the likes of EA and Interwave.

Ventures Accelerator London starts - 2014/02/03

Today Gateway starts its residency on the MSFTVenturesUK London Accelerator. Head on over to the facebook page to see the snaps of our groovy new home for the next three months.

Gateway accepted into Microsoft Ventures UK - 2014/12/06

An early Christmas present for Gateway! Microsoft invited us down to Canary Wharf London to congratulate us on making the cut, as of February 2014 we will be included in a 12 week intensive business Accelerator run by Microsoft

Greenshoots backs Gateway Interactive - 2013/11/22

Today we received official confirmation on something we have been working on for a long time. the Greenshoots application we submitted has been approved, Gateway is now officially supported by Microsoft & the UK government in its efforts to bring you the best games we can!

Louis on stage at Develop - 2013/07/10

Presenting to an audience of Indie DEVS Louis took to the stage and unveiled Pure Space! A stylish space based top down combat sim filled with lasers, frigates, fighters, carries, pirates and beautiful visuals that will leave you spellbound. Check out Pure Space over at

Gateway works with Lindsey Simpson - 2013/07/06

A great game needs a great soundtrack as much as it needs great gameplay and graphics. Knowing this Gateway is working with Alt Blues sensation from Kingston Upon Hull - Lindsey Simpson! This laid back country folk style is helping to give our upcoming game a really unique feel.
Head on over to SoundCloud to hear what we mean.

First game images released - 2013/06/25

Today we are happy to release the first images of our in development untitled space game. Head on over to the Facebook page to see the whole gallery!

Gateway goes social with FB, G+ & Twit - 2013/06/20

You can now follow Gateway interactive on whatever chosen form of social media you prefer! Head on over to Facebook to give us a like. Give us a +1 and a share over on Google+. And if brevity is your thing come and check out our tweets!

Gateway to be on stage at Develop - 2013/06/04

Today the gateway team received a visit from Lee Stott a Microsoft Technical Evangelist. Impressed by our efforts Lee has invited gateway to fill an empty slot at the Develop conference in Brighton next month.

Office Digs - 2013/04/15

Setting up a new digital business is never easy, but Gateway Interactive received help on its way back in March of this year from Platform Studios UK & Esteem Consortium when they generously helped us find us a home office space.
Shortly after receiving a home in March we received an offer of help and support in the form of furniture and equipment donations from Platform Studios & Andrew Jackson law firm.
Once the dust from our epic furniture move had settled the real work began!

Gateway Founded - 2013/02/01

Gateway goes "Hello World" with a round of handshakes, a burst of creative inspiration and a zest for beautiful fun to play games.


Based in the North of England's fine city of Hull we at Gateway Interactive strive to provide the most compelling digital entertainment on the devices and platforms you love.

Founded in early 2013 by two Hull University graduates from the fields of Computer Science and Games design.

Louis - Dungeon Master
A tenacious software developer and entrepreneur Louis has worked in the games and interactive media industry for the past 7 years. Along the way he has tried his hand at every aspect of games design and production. Louis guides business direction and engineering at Gateway, he is the captain steering our star ship towards brighter futures.

Brecht - Digital Artisan
Dances the line between the art and engineering this past master can weave whole digital worlds into being as he marries together his creative side and his programming side. Brecht focuses on the game medium itself ensuring the games look, sound and feel exactly as indented when they leave our doors.

Duncan - Special Ops
The shadow of the Gateway team always working away in the background. Duncan ensures no little details of the business go unnoticed. Gateways very own "Fixer", chief of maintenance, and head chef! Duncan is an invaluable resource when it comes to ensuring that the team performs at its maximum capacity.



Pure Space
Customisable fleets of cruisers, frigates, fighters and warships taking you on an epic journey to the stars in search revenge and salvation. Pitting your skills in battle against space pirates "The Yaarg" and an even more deadly and darker foe...

Click below to see the gallery of images

Something to do with Dragons
Dragons.... Mythical beasts of fire and scales... Maybe guns... maybe space stations... maybe epic co-op quests with friends... Watch this space!

Secret Dev Project
Fast, slick, beautiful and annoyingly addictive. This racing game will test the limits of human mental endurance, rhythm and hand to eye speed.